Communication on advertising screens in local shops and other outlets has many advantages. They meet advertising needs, and are the main asset for capturing targets. As advertising network experts, we offer you an innovative tool and a high-performance software. So you can make the most out of your display ad networksand your advertisers’ ads.

The benefits of dynamic on-screen advertising

Audiovisual communication is an integral part of our daily lives. Meanwhile, digital signage is becoming essential wherever information is needed. This highly dynamic type of communication will boost your communication and marketing strategy by multiplying your messages. With an advertising screen, you can broadcast an advertising display, also known as DOOH (Digital Out Of Home). This includes all types of information, in the form of video, flash animation or PowerPoint presentation. This creates a dynamic advertising display.

This signage device is essential to highlight the image, the business sector or the products and services offered for sale. On-screen advertising also offers a number of advantages. It attracts and captures the attention of potential customers. It also highlights products and services and helps building up thebrand image via a logo or slogan. But this process also helps when it comes to establishing a certain reputation and this will quickly improve brand awareness. By creating dynamic advertising, you ensure greater brand visibility.

Installation and distribution

The advertising screen leaves its mark on the public’s mind. As well as being simple to setup, it’s quick and easy to change advertisings. Scrolling through several ads attracts consumers’ attention and prevents them from getting bored. With digital signage, it’s possible to adjust your messages as much as you need! This allows you to display the same information on different advertising screens at the same time. Then you can quickly update the data. The advertising screen is therefore effective and has a major impact on customers.

To attract customers to points of sale or local businesses, dynamic on-screen advertising is based on an original concept. For the best setup possible, you need to establish your priorities and consider the following: visibility (location), legibility (choice of graphics) and impact (choice of tones, text characters, colors). With or without sound, the aim of this tool is to display local advertising via connected advertising screens. The company doesn’t need to rent advertising panels anymore; Emity makes it simple. You can setup the screens in strategic locations. Then schedule your dynamic local advertising.

Location of advertising screens in the waiting area

The billboard advertising solution is a digital tool for communicating on screens in a highly effective way. It’s more attractive than posters, as it provides more information simultaneously. For an effective digital communication medium, you can’t separate content, target and location.

To attract the maximum number of people, the location of advertising screens is essential in a digital communication strategy. But first, it’s important to know that a location is made up of several zones, each with its own assets and communication potential. Screen placement plays an important role in the success or failure of a billboard advertising project. It’s better to place advertising screens in a waiting room or rest area than in a high-traffic area.

This type of location allows for a longer, more detailed exposure time. Also, if you put up an advertising screen, it will keep people busy for many seconds or minutes. Naturally, the content must be highly visible and easy to understand. Ideally, you should stick to a few important words rather than choosing long explanations. Otherwise, you will likely bore potential customers. Content can also be educational, entertaining or informative.

With the proximity of the medium, digital advertising strengthens the link between the company and its potential customers. But the mistake not to make is to broadcast the same thing for the whole period. Installing advertising screens or a digital signage system is relatively expensive. So don’t underestimate any detail.

How does it work?

For advertising agencies, we offer an innovative digital signage tool. The aim is to make the most of screen groups and advertisers’ ads. With our innovative E-Manager software, managing ads on screen networks is simple and efficient. Dynamic advertising is thus done remotely, as is planning. Thanks to broadcast planning, the company can manage advertising displays over several months. It is also possible to control and update any or all of the units from any location.

Simply program and broadcast on your advertising screens

The software includes the day’s menu, promotions, opening hours, daily specials, additional activities and more. Our solution is designed to support companies in their digital transition. What’s more, they can display weather forecasts, RSS feeds and other digital signage content. With just one touch, the company can also launch its visuals on its website. To communicate both internally and externally via a multi-channel system (screen, website, social networks and e-mailing).

But the software can also be integrated on Samsung’s TIZEN system, on Android TVs… The customer can then modify his proximity ads, but he won’t be able to modify the administrator’s posters. This software enables information to be sent to advertising screens via a box acting as an intermediary. The E-Box, a very compact, solidHD digital signage player that can be connected to any display (monitor, TV, projector, tablet, totem, etc.). It’s compatible with Windows, Android, MAC and iOS, and on all devices: PCs and tablets. Thanks to this system, the company can connect its digital posters to its television or other display with an HDMI input.

In conclusion, our aim is to make your life easier and save you time and money. This is a tailor-made solution, since every need is unique. The software offers intuitive operation thanks to its simple interface and high flexibility.