Thehealthcare environment constantly needs to communicate with the patients. To cope with the ever-increasing number of patients, and to ensure effective communication within the facility, digital signage is the perfectcommunication tool for educating, informing and enticing patients. Whether in a doctor’s practice, a hospital, a pharmacy, a clinic… Screens will boost the communication system. If you want to support and inform your patients, employees, visitors and nursing staff, this is the solution for you.

Digital signage as an essential communication tool

Digital signage is ideal for all medical infrastructures (laboratories, clinics, doctors and hospitals). It’s a modern, professional way to communicate. It works with a Player, the E-Box that connects the interactive screens to the Internet. Simply connect to the Internet from a computer, for example, and select the content. The Player updates to display the message on the screens. This innovative tool makes it possible to remotely manage different digital screens, broadcasting the right content at the right time and in the right place. Medical and pharmaceutical digital signage improves content visibility.

On digital screens, you can transmit a variety of content: simple text, HD video, photos, flash animations and web pages. But they can also play audio files. You can set the length of each content display. These interactive screens can be installed anywhere in your facility, broadcasting in real time to one or more transmission points. This ensures that information is distributed quickly and easily. In the healthcare sector, it’s a versatile tool that really does meet everyone’s needs. The presence of dynamic screens in pharmacies and medical environments will also enhances its image.

The benefits of digital medical signage

Whether you’re a pharmacist, dentist, doctor, optician or other healthcare practitioner, with digital signage you can take care of your patients. This communication system will entertain your patients in the waiting room and keep them waiting. You can keep them informed of new medical treatments and health regulations.

It’s the implementation of prevention and screening information. It means showcasing your services and products. It’s a chance to help them find their way around your facility, and to pass on consultation schedules. But you can also report on the occupancy of operating room. You can then use interactive screens to display internal regulations, hygiene rules and administrative information.

Minimize waiting time with entertaining content

In a hospital ward, at the doctor’s, the dentist’s… the waiting room can quickly become a place of apprehension and tension. With the fear of the doctor, the aches and pains, the feeling of waiting forever, any form of entertainment is welcome. Medical digital signage allows you to focus your attention on other things. The same goes for pharmacy digital signage, which will guide, inform and capture attention quickly.

That’s why we fill the waiting room with preventive digital posters, useful information and magazines. The multimedia screen system is an effective means of communicating with patients. These screens can display waiting times, numbers called, video content on prevention and information messages. It’s an effective modernization of healthcare communication.

To educate and inform about health

With digital displays placed throughout your healthcare facility, you can keep your patients and visitors informed. As well as health concerns, safety instructions, current screening campaigns and the latest health recommendations…

The medical digital signage will thus serve to raise awareness. But it also bridges the gap between medical staff and patients. That’s how you’ll be able to teach people about different dress codes and explain different medical instruments. You can showcase healthcare professionals and their career paths, or present fact sheets on medical professions.

This will boost patient confidence. You’ll also be able to transmit educational videos to help lighten the atmosphere in these sometimes oppressive places. The added value of medical signage is its attractiveness, enabling messages to be memorized. Whether you work in your own practice as a dentist, doctor or physiotherapist, or in a large healthcare establishment. We offer an interactive experience thanks to digital medical signage. From a distance, you can use contactless communication to reassure your targets.

Transmit information about the facility

In a clinic or hospital, medical display screens have a signage function, especially when it’s difficult to find your way around. They can also be used as a reminder to respect rules such as silence, smoking bans, cell phone use, visiting restrictions… In a pharmacy, dynamic pharmaceutical display screens can guide patients, helping them to find their way around medicines and to wait.

Whether you’re a dentist, pharmacist, country doctor or a healthcare establishment such as a clinic or hospital, it’s compulsory to display legal information.

So why not offer an interactive customer experience to your staff, visitors and patients?

By opting for dynamic medical signage, you can clearly and transparently display mandatory regulatory information. As well as the fees charged by each professional or any other element of importance to patients.