The start of the new year is a huge motivation for you to begin something new…how about a communication project?

1, 2, 3 communicate!

1. Define your marketing goals and your targets

You especially have to ask yourself what results you expect from this digital campaign:

  • Better visibility?
  • Reinforce your reputation?
  • Promoting a product?
  • More engagement online? on your website and/or social media…

And who are you targeting with these dynamic displays?
Or, which marketing personas best embody your targets?

Answering these questions will allow you to design a clear, high-impact message tailored to your marketing campaign.

2. Be creative and innovative using screens

The originality and uniqueness of your brand image will undoubtedly set you apart from your competitors and strike a chord with the public.

3. Identify the best digital signage media

And only then will your goals and targets be defined. And, your message is catchy and ready to be displayed. To ensure optimal visibility, choose your digital media and location carefully:

  • How often is the location visited?
  • Are my targets well represented?
  • What about the competitive environment?

Finally, analyze the feedback you receive during the whole process of this diital project. Then, at the end of the marketing campaign, draw up a balance sheet. Ineed, knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses will enhance the effectiveness of future screen-based communication campaigns.