pecialist in the grain, agri-food & infrastructure and manufacturing industries. But also in energy recovery and waste treatment, Ovalt (formerly Altenov) has a certain reputation and visibility in its market. To maintain this momentum and challenge the competition, communication is essential, both internally and externally.

“We chose Emity because we wanted to be able to program the distribution of information.”

Céline Amary, Communications Manager

Corporate communication integrates the Emity digital signage solution, offering customers a new way of communicating. With subsidiaries and a holding company, it is sometimes difficult to communicate between each sector. Using 10 screens and Emity’s solution, sharing information becomes quick and easy. The digital signage solution for industrial solutions will enable screens to be linked together. What’s more, thanks to the E-manager platform, you can create all your own content. Photos, videos, text, weather, RSS feeds, times and company news are all part of the content.

Ovalt, a holding company based in Brittany, groups together 9 specialized subsidiaries. These subsidiaries work on “creating and optimizing production processes in the food industry”. A complex field that requires know-how. With operations in France and Morocco, internal communication is of prime importance. To make it easier to save time and increase productivity, the company is integrating digital signage. Within his team, thedynamic display of industrial solutions facilitates the cohesion of messages.

“The programming system is very practical”.

Listening, innovation, commitment, teamwork and efficiency. With these values, the company was right to choose Emity, the specialist in digital signage solutions. Indeed, we share a taste for quality and new products, while remaining efficient. As a result, the Emity solution provides real-time information and improved communication . Both internally within the various facilities and externally for customers. This makes displaying industrial solutions with digital signage simpler and more attractive.

In conclusion, we’re delighted to be working with Ovalt, who wish the best for their team, their employees and their customers. It’s this mindset that drives us to constantly innovate and offer you the best digital signage solution. But also to offer you unbeatable value for money.

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How do you communicate in a large company?

Communication within a company, whatever its structure, is vital to its development. By using Emity’s digital signage solution, you can increase your communication tenfold.

In real time, you can broadcast news and information to your screens via the Emity box: compact, HD, durable and of the highest quality. So you can talk to everyone in the company.

Article by Jade Begue, March 11, 2021