ureaux and Co, designer of attractive, flexible collaborative spaces , has chosen tocommunicate via digital signage. His projects are organized around a strong concept: shared living and working spaces. All this encourages exchanges and the pooling of equipment. The setting is calm and welcoming, giving you a boost their creativity. So.., BUREAUX & CO has created an identity conducive to the development of synergies within a community of diverse entrepreneurs and employees. The company offers high value-added services in its spaces (private offices, custom offices, flex offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, etc.), designed to foster new work experiences.

“We didn’t master the subject, but Emity gave us great advice and was able to answer our questions.”

Hicham En Nakhla, Digital Strategy Manager

Bureaux and co has a network of 16 digital signage screens using the Emity solution. Digital signage in the office is attractive and informative.. This communication solution informs news and services, events and new products. In addition, an advertising department has been set up to enable companies to advertise their products and services. Dynamic screens will also be used to broadcast live content. Digital signage in the office is a sensation!

The company offers a range of services: private offices, coworking, meeting rooms and the creation of business addresses. These allow customers to benefit from several spaces adapted to their needs. By opting for digital signage from Emity, the company will expand its market presence. It will also be able to provide information on its services and venues, with attractive visuals. Digital signage in collaborative offices is an effective solution.

“We are satisfied(…)The Emity solution is deployed in all our spaces(… )and we know that with Emity’s evolutions, we will be able to go even further.”

Hicham En Nakhla, Digital Strategy Manager

Sensitive to digital signage, the company took an interest in its use and looked for the best solution. With strong growth in 2021 in France and abroad, this communication solution has become an asset. A way to “discuss and be part of the adventure” of the company. This tool, which is used for both internal and external communication, contributes to the fluidity of information in Bureaux & Co spaces. This will bring added value to their residents. Office spaces with digital signage screens improve information visibility.

Emity, publisher of digital signage software, wants to play its part in these modern developments. Present on social networks, the Internet, at events… Bureaux&co first learned about the company through the press. A press article telling the story of Emity, formerly known as Wepub. The company, intrigued, took a closer look at the solution and asked to know more about how it worked. Simple, fast and secure, the E-manager solution, accompanied by the E-box, was a hit.

Bureaux and co researched and selected the Emity solution. Due to the product and service quality by a high-performance design office! But also value for money on the DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) market. The Emity team is always ready to help you improve your indoor (internal) and outdoor (external) communication .

offices and coworking spaces in 2020
between 500 and 3000m2 of rooms
people in capacity

How can Emity help you with your project?

Emity’s values are support, quality and innovation. It goes without saying that we can help you with your digital signage project. In addition, Emity would like to present its E-manager solution to you. The aim is to enable each company to develop marketing and display solutions! We also help companies to communicate with their customers more easily and in real time.

Emity will help you through the process and advice about digital signage and its innovative, affordable and high-quality solution.

Article by Jade Begue, April 8, 2021