The retail sector is one of the most dynamic and vibrant in the world. It welcomes thousands of visitors a day, who come to stock up or stroll through the various stores.

Faced with such an influx of visitors to your store, it’s important to use the right tools. This will make it easier to attract the customer’s attention. Emity offers the perfect solution to capture their attention: dynamic retail signage. More than just a poster, digital signage’s technological advantages will enable you to showcase your personalized content.

Dare to use technology for your business!

Enrich the retail customer experience with a dynamic display

A store decorated with attractive, dynamic screens, and it’s all done! Make a difference by displaying the information you want to share thanks to digital signage. retail. By replacing your old posters with screens, you can combine
promoting your point of sale
customer satisfaction.

Digital signage is a means of communication that gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It enables companies to stage the content they want, at an affordable price. All this, with the option of programming and broadcasting whatever they want remotely!

Promotions, information or simple presentations. Digital signage is the best way to showcase your designs.

Many advantages to this solution

  • With attractive multimedia content, give your customers the feeling of being in a new environment.
  • Surveys, satisfaction questionnaires… Put elements on your screens that create an interactive relationship between your brand and the consumer.
  • An infinite number of screens! Tactile kiosks, totems, giant screens, wall-mounted displays… Share different content on different screens, and as many times as you like!
  • Let your customers enjoy a totally immersive, all-encompassing atmosphere, immersing them in the world of your brand.

You’re one box away from distinction!

Stand out from the crowd! Emity helps you stand out from the competition in three simple steps:

  1. Order and install your box
  2. Create playlists and content for display
  3. …2, 1 Diffuse!