Digital signage is an extremely interesting tool for the sports world, and more specifically for gyms. Thanks to screen-based communication, fitness centers are experiencing a significant revival.

Indeed, being connected has become essential and has radically improved the experience of members of equipped fitness centers.

Communication & information transmission

Digital signage in gyms provides members with real-time information. For exemple, essential information can be displayed on LCD screens at eye level. Displays are major promotional spaces, helping to establish or reinforce your brand image.

This content, depending on its location, will contain different information. For example, at the reception desk, you’ll broadcast your establishment’s opening hours, subscription rates, promotional offers and the addresses of your other centers.

In other areas, it’s better to setup touch screens tablets or kiosks. This will increase engagement and enable your fitness members to get the information they need. The athletes’ attention will be captured and they will be more autonomous. They can access the timetables of your individual services, the timetables of your group classes, their coach’s program, or your website from the same place.

The interactivity of these communication tools is a real plus for any business, and fitness centers are no exception. These are generally spaces where people want to focus on themselves – and having direct access to this information is time-saving.

A real training and support tool

The usefulness of digital signage in gyms extends to the possibility of using it during training sessions, to support the work of coaches. The screens can, for example, broadcast challenges in which members will take part and thus compete with others. We can also imagine sharing statistics on a particular machine to motivate the current user to set goals and push themselves. The screen becomes not only a companion, but also a central part of the member’s activity.

In many ways, screen-based communication will become an asset for developing customer motivation. As we’ve seen, this will first and foremost provide information and publicize the company’s offers and services. Secondly, digital signage also highlights the activities offered by your fitness center, promoting them and encouraging people to participate by reinforcing their curiosity or interest in a specific practice. Last but not least, digital signage can help members focus on their core business. The screen can immerse them and get them through their training.

The presence ofconnected, dynamic screens in a gym can also be, and often is, used as a training channel. By showing exercises or entire classes on your screens, you can capture and keep your members’ attention. Whether it’s a recorded exercise or a participative live session, it’s possible to tailor content to members’ needs. At the same time, this digital accessibility to courses continues outside the gym, depending on the services you offer. Member follow-up will then be reinforced, and your coaches will have even more opportunities to practice their craft.

Thanks to Emity, you have access to our templates. You can broadcast them on all your screens, depending on the message you want to get across. You can edit them as much as you like thanks to our partnership with Canva.

Personalized messages help build member loyalty

To stay competitive, gyms use digital signage to attract and keep customers.

In addition to support during workouts, fitness gyms use screens to entertain their members. Playing videos, music or news will reduce the feeling of effort, making you forget about the difficulty of your task and enjoy the session more. Screens make the environmentmore attractive and reinforce your customers’ desire to come – and to stay.

Building customer loyalty through screen-based communication will also involve the broadcasting of content more specific to sport or a healthier lifestyle. This targeted content is guaranteed to reach its audience and develop a loyal following. brand loyalty. This can be done through advice (nutritional, sports, health) or via the social networks of your coaches and even your members.

Advice videos or tutorials on how to use the machines will also make your gym members feel included and supported, and reinforce their sense of belonging to the gym.

Optimized gym management

In particular, you can generate advertising revenue by using communication screens. Thanks to sponsorships or equipment rentals, you can
monetize this space
and make the most of your investment.

Digital signage gives you the opportunity to manage your business easily. For example, the management of memberships and course registrations is simplified thanks to interactive screens available to customers. The process is digitized, and the data is entered directly into your database with all the relevant information. You can also offer touch-sensitive kiosks to redirect visitors to your website and encourage online purchases. Afterwards, you
enhance the customer experience
with targeted content or promotions.

The data collected through the use of digital signage software such as E-Manager helps you improve the services you offer, so that you can continue to upgrade. The most useful data, such as your members’ preferences and visitor numbers, for example, can then be put to good use in your ambitions.

Another advantage of using Emity for gyms is safety. Thanks to digital signage, you can display safety rules and make prevention easy to avoid accidents. From a technical point of view, you also monitor your installations and machines so as to intervene as quickly as possible in the event of a malfunction.

Since 2019, Fitness Park has chosen Emity to equip its gyms with digital signage. With almost a hundred screens, the fitness centers have been modernized, offering an advantageous service to both members and company managers.

HangarFit also chose us.

Thanks to Emity, these companies benefit from an innovative, fun and easy-to-use tool. Everything is done to enable them to get closer to their customers.

In a nutshell, digital signage in gyms will enable you to:

  • boost your image and the attractiveness of your spaces,
  • inform your customers in real time about all your info and interact with them,
  • motivate, entertain & offer advice,
  • offer a variety of targeted, flexible services and training,
  • support the follow-up of your coaches,
  • build loyalty with personalized communication,
  • manage your gym more easily,
  • collect useful data to improve your services.

Digital signage creates numerous opportunities for your gym members to enjoy themselves, feel supported and safe.