s a communication agency based in Vincennes, the company ADDORA chose to display Emity’s solution to their customers. In order to improve communication, it differentiates itself by integrating digital signage as a communication force.

“I’m satisfied with the solution (…) we’re moving up a gear”.

Isabelle Bananes, Marketing and Communications Director

As a communications professional, the agency offers effective solutions. The aim is to improve visibility and brand awareness of their customers with ideas and innovations that always make a difference. For a communications agency, it is therefore essential to be familiar with the different ways of communicating and to know how to use them. It’s also very useful to learn about the innovations in the sector. For one of its customers, Addora chose 4 screens using the Emity dynamic solution to develop its business. The new solution: digital signage for communications agencies.

Digital signage, an innovative and attractive solution has won over many professionals in the retail, corporate, catering and hotel sectors, who have already installed it on their premises. So it’s important to be able to offer a digital signage solution that meets customers’ needs and expectations. digital signage becomes a relevant tool for communications agencies!

“It’s a simple application for customers”.

Eager to discover new solutions, the communications agency finds different ways to go in search of innovation. Meeting Emity at a trade show was an obvious choice, and between the friendliness, the welcome and the advice, it was Emity who made the difference in terms of service. Also, by proposing our solution and detailing it to meet requests and needs, this is what won over the agency. The Emity digital signage solution demonstrates our reliability in terms of service and value for money.

Last but not least, Emity’s solution is designed to be easy to use, optimizing your time and information. Similarly, with the box and the content management platform, information is sent directly to your screens. Performance and quality are top priorities at Emity. In other words, for us, you need the very best in digital signage and communication.

Why offer digital signage to your customers?

As a communications agency, it’s important to have resources and ideas to offer customers. We need to innovate and give them maximum visibility. With a digital signage solution, you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition and leapfrog into the new digital age. Digital signage in a communications agency is a real plus!

Offering digital signage to your customers puts you ahead of other communications agencies. You show customers that he can make a big difference to his clientele.

Article by Jade Begue, March 4, 2021