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Emity music management for harmonious communication

To understand how Emity manages your music, you need to understand that: communication is omnipresent. It is one of the pillars of a company’s development. As a result, it is the focus of constant attention and improvement. New technologies and innovative software have brought communication to a dynamic level. Indeed, we’ve moved from static visuals to visuals in motion.

But can it be made even more catchy and communicative (by adding a sound dimension)?

For Emity, the answer is yes! Not much was missing to bring your communication to a harmonious level. That’s why our company has developed the managing your music. This feature allows you to play music on yourdigital signage screens of your choice. And it’s easy to do. It is designed to enhance your communication by using a connecting to a radio.

Managing your music knows no limits

It’s not reserved for any particular professional or marketing strategy. On the contrary, it can be used for whatever communication you choose to undertake.

Whether you want to use it internally in your company, in your shop, at the reception desk of your premises or in your town hall, and so on. You name it, we’ve got it.

Managing your music, a solution with an abundance of choice to create appeal

Your communication, your choice.

Music is an art no longer to be discovered. Today, it’s everywhere. It’s a social phenomenon that has continued to evolve over the ages. Today, music is as much a part of our lives for entertainment purposes as it is for brand slogans (known the world over for their advertising). It is also very popular for communications on social networks, websites and now, for your dynamic displays.

The evolution of music has led to the discovery of many different genres: rap, classical, rock, jazz and more. Musical styles that can accompany your communication and make it more lively and dynamic.

The virtues of music in your communication :

Numerous studies have been carried out on music. And there are a number of key concepts in the impact of music on our bodies and emotions. And therefore, here, on your targets, customers, users… :


  • Soothing music You want to keep your visitors waiting in the best possible conditions. You already broadcast dynamic, entertaining content on your screens to keep them entertained. Add some soft music to further reduce the stress of waiting.
  • Music helps you remember Who hasn’t remembered the name of a brand simply by listening to a melody? Adapt your music and make it the reminder, the voice, of your information, your brand, your message, and so on.
  • Music is motivating Music: as part of your internal communications, include music that will get your employees fired up.


Integrate E-Musique into your communications

With E-Musique, do good to those who watch and listen to you! Spice up your messages. Add that harmonious note that can become so distinctive when associated with your brand.

Our solution can also be combined with another module developed by Emity:
. This virtual counter solution is dedicated to professionals and organizations receiving the public. It is an aid to queue management.

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