Public and private nursing homes for the dependent elderly, such as Ehpad or retirement homes are now focusing on their residents’ quality of life. These accommodations are no longer cold, gloomy establishments, but lively, dynamic places to live. Dynamicdisplay contributes greatly to this. This modern communication tool is designed to provide residents with information and reassurance.

Why should you get digital signage?

Digitalization is affecting many sectors, even the most sensitive ones such as the medical sector. Digitaldisplay is an integral part of digitalization in retirement homes. In fact, it’s a technology that allows you to broadcast on one or more modern, animated screens You can broadcast different messages. You can also display personalized information from computer sources or simple videos.

This innovative solution gives you access to remote communication control. From any computer, you can create, program, edit and personalize messages to then display. Our software can broadcast a variety of media content: images, GIFS, videos, RSS feeds, slideshows, animations…

It’s a real added value for your organization, as you can offer personalized, targeted and animated communication. Easy to use, the network of digital screens. broadcast the desired message at the desired time and place. With such a device, you can entertain, reduce waiting time and display safety instructions. You’ll also be able to direct visitors and improve the image of your establishment.

Thanks to our reliable and efficient system, your communication is managed in real time. It is very easyand quick. All this is possible even withut any computer skills. The database can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. Similarly, our connected screens have been designed to make life easier for the elderly. These screens will enable them to take advantage of digital signage with relevant content and a good readability of every digital poster.

The importance of digital signage in nursing homes

Digital media in Ehpad (or “accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people”) is an effective and essential tool in the internal and external internal and external communication. With this device, you’ll always remain responsive. Whether in patient rooms, reception areas, passageways or common rooms. Communication becomes more instantaneous and fluid. It’s a guarantee to modernize your image. At the same time, it shows the attention you pay to the quality of life of your residents. It also shows how much attention is paid to welcoming your visitors and to the work of your staff.

It’s a real working device for entertainers, carers and companions. It’s also used toinform residents, to distribute the latest news from the facility and introduce visitors to the activities available for their loved ones. Besides, the messages displayed on interactive display screens raise awareness and stimulate discussion. In addition to raising awareness, digital signage also guides visitors. This will make it easier for them to find their way around your premises.

With this innovative display solutionyou’ll benefit from multiple broadcasts from a single entry! The time saved is therefore considerable. What’s more, it’s more environmentally friendly thanks to paper savings, and more economical thanks to unlimited messages! All this at no extra cost, while enhancing the image of your establishment.

The benefits of interactive screens for residents

The display of dynamic content will engage your residents by providing them with the information they really need. You’ll be able to provide information on the day’s various activities and how they’ll be organized. You can keep up the pace with information on current time, breakfast, lunch and dinner times. You can raise awareness on their well-being and health, while broadcasting the day’s menus. We can also teach them about the importance of balanced, healthy meals.

You can also display the day’s weather. But dynamic screens can also be used to entertain your guests and capture their attention. All this can be achieved by broadcasting fun quizzes, interactive games or even TV programs.

They offer a wide range of leisure and opportunities to strengthen their brain functions. And this by improving interactions between them. With interactive screens, you can build a relationship of trust with your residents. But also, with the Ehpad digital signage system, you can display health instructions, the latest medical news and health advice. As well as preventive measures, safety rules, internal regulations, general information and much more. Digital signage also increases the memorability of information than other information carriers such as paper, for example.

The benefits of digital signage for visitors

For the families of your residents and others, don’t settle for just a TV to entertain them. Put them at ease, and diversify your communication. Today, digital signage, which is much more than a television set, is a highly effective communication tool. In particular, it offers several advantages for nursing homes.

By installing interactive screens in the right places, you can help your visitors to find their way with a signage system. You will be able to offer them the possibility of quickly finding relevant information about your service. You also attract their attention so that you can reduce queues while keeping them informed. Installed in the waiting room, they make it possible to reduce visitor delay by presenting them with a fun, interactive occupation.

You’ll be able to introduce them to your business and share your history, news and objectives. With this innovative solution, you can highlight the diplomas, certifications, experience, specialties and biographies of your healthcare professionals.

You can also offer them educational programs to help them stay healthy! Like preventive care, new treatments and much more. By entertaining with RSS feeds, horoscopes or quizzes, visitors in waiting rooms will be kept busy. So the wait won’t seem so long. What’s more, you can offer your visitors a more modern image of your establishment.

In the medical sector, trust is important, and the Ehpad digital signage system helps to build it easily.