Discover Canva, Emity’s design partner

The creation of Canva in 2013 was a real innovation; for individuals as much as for professionals. Indeed, its publisher made graphics tools that had previously been reserved for advanced users accessible to everyone.

Canva has gradually established itself as the online design tool for creating a multitude of communication media. And without any specific training in graphic design.

The diversity of its media (images, videos, social network publications, etc.) is rich. Canva’s library also boasts a wide variety of content, as well as pre-designed templates that will be a great help in quickly creating content.

It’s for all these advantages that Emity has partnered with Canva: simplicity, efficiency, aesthetics and democratization.

Creating and distributing your own website is easy with Canva and Emity

Canva now offers a very useful feature for the complete creation of a website.

No, you’re not dreaming! With our design partner, you can design your own website. No need to use an outside service provider. From site map to publication and even distribution, Canva and Emity make it easy.

Canva has gone to great lengths to offer a simple, creative tool. And if you find yourself lacking inspiration, no problem! Canva also offers many customizable templates to help you.

The advantages of the Emity and Canva alliance: Simply create, distribute and manage a website!

Creating a website can seem a daunting task when you consider all the steps involved. It’s hard to imagine deploying a digital signage system when the first phase is such a headache.

However, with Canva, the commitment has been made to make this task accessible to all users, down to the most novice.

Don’t think about complicated, technical steps with Canva’s website creation tool

Thanks to the Canva platform, you won’t have to waste any more time on the technical side of a website. No need for programming or design skills. Just let yourself be guided by our partner’s creativity and designs.

Responsive, what’s that? Canva answers the question and includes this feature by default. In this way, your creation automatically adapts to different screen sizes (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Take advantage of other features, too, with the ability to customize and add contact forms, social network sharing buttons, image galleries and more.

Launch your website in seconds

Once your design is complete, it’s time to think about putting it online. And here too, Canva is there to support you. You can get a free SEO domain, or purchase one from our partner. But you can also connect your own domain.

Once this has been validated by you, your site is ready for publication!

Emity can help you promote your website!

It’s one thing to have a website. Now you’re wondering how to display it on yourdigital signage screens. Without wasting time or energy.

Don’t look any further, Emity is here to guide you through the process.

Once your site is online, all you have to do is copy its URL and go to the E-Manager. Within the Emity platform, a whole space is dedicated to the applications and functionalities the company has to offer!

In two clicks, select the “Website” application. Then it’s as simple as entering your website link, validating and deploying your website on your touchscreen. It’s as easy as pie!

Emity goes even further: join the distribution of a classic playlist with that of your website.

How? Start by creating a playlist of posters that will scroll across your screen, if there’s no interactivity on the surface. Then integrate your website with the “Tactile” application, and set a time during which, without interaction with the website pages, it will automatically revert to your poster parade.

It couldn’t be easier! You now have a screen that, when in “standby” mode, communicates the visuals you want to show. And with a simple tap of the index finger, you can directly access and navigate your website.

Thanks to our partnership with Canva, you’ll find it easier to create effective, high-quality communication media. Thanks to E-Manager, the creation of your content via the platform will be broadcast and controlled on your touch screens. Nothing could be simpler. You’ll save as much time as possible.