Digital signage is expanding beyond the corporate world to include the education sector. Modern communication tools make it easy to digitalize teaching. In schools, colleges and universities. This ensures that internal communications are delivered on time. What’s more, content is more relevant and eye-catching because it’s dynamic. This way, we can capture the attention of generations of pupils and students who are constantly connected. It’s a high-quality educational experience in schools.

What is digital signage at school?

A specialized, innovative and powerful communication tool, digital signage lets you communicate instantly and attractively.
. It radically changes internal communication within a structure. This practical system has completely revolutionized the way messages are transmitted. Especially in education and schools, where digital is becoming increasingly important. To achieve this, digital signage comprises 3 elements: thecomputer, the digital screens or interactive kiosks, and the box. The computer connected to the Internet is used to create the information to be transmitted in signage mode to the connected screens.

Digital screens are used to display information previously created on the computer. While the software-based box is the intermediary between the computer and the digital displays. Digital signage is not static: it’s based on dynamic images and captivating video sequences. Content is animated on screens such as totems, kiosks, window displays, tablets…

These can display multiple media such as images, text, video… and even special widgets, in real time. These screens are remotely managed to deliver the right content to the right place at the right time. The message is contextualized and can be configured in just a few clicks. So if a teacher is absent, it’s perfectly possible to inform pupils or students in a matter of minutes!

Digital signage in education

In education today, pupils and students are evolving with digital technology. They are therefore perfectly at ease with all new technologies. So integrating digital signage into the education system makes it easy for them to inform and educate themselves. Our simple, effective and innovative digital signage solution meets the communication needs of the education sector. This technology makes it easy to program displays on interactive screens. These screens are available to students, teachers, administrative staff and visitors. The screens, installed both indoors and outdoors, will transmit information and messages about the facility. All thanks to intuitive management software. This digital signage solution can be adapted from a small school to a huge university.

Digital media in education will capture everyone’s attention. Thanks to the size of the connected monitors, there’s no risk of missing out on important information from high school or university. In this way, you create a relationship of interactivity and immediacy. Reliable, easy-to-use and user-friendly, our digital signage solution is a sure bet for your business. Thanks to a targeted, animated and personalized communication strategy. So make your message dynamic. The main benefits of our system are: attraction and retention, improved user experience, time savings, speed, personalization and flexibility.

Your advantages with digital signage

In schools, colleges and universities, information is essential. Whether it’s delays, class schedules or sanitary measures. It is therefore important to circulate it quickly and efficiently to those concerned. Multimedia content is adapted to the location of the connected screens. You can install them in the break or waiting room, at reception or at the entrances. You can also choose to place them in high-traffic areas, cafeterias… to reach the right targets.

To ensure that information reaches everyone, interactive kiosks will find their place in the halls. In this way, precise, relevant multimedia content is tailored to the audience. Wall-mounted screens, on the other hand, can be installed in lobbies or other high-traffic areas.

Digital signage in education is cost-effective, because you can use the messages in unlimited numbers at no extra cost. You’ll save time and energy, since screens can be operated easily and conveniently. centralized. Accessible remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

It’s the ability to update content regularly and quickly. You can also schedule messages to be broadcast in just a few minutes. It’s your assurance of responsiveness. It’s environmentally friendly, since you’ll save paper and ink, and use energy-efficient digital screens.

By opting for digital signage in schools and universities, you can give your establishment a modern image with attractive multimedia content. So energize your information points and communicate in real time with visitors, students, teachers and staff.

Digital signage for pupils and students

Also known as DOOH: Digital-Out-Of-Home, it helps disseminate information outside and inside schools. This can involve broadcasting exam dates at universities, sports activities and extracurricular events at colleges and high schools. The same applies to inter-school meetings, graduation ceremonies, public transport, mandatory regulatory information and school life in general.

In the education sector, it’s worth opting for digital signage. Schools, colleges and universities can all benefit from digital signage. This alerts you to changes in class schedules, cancellations and the agendas of classrooms and teachers. It’s also an excellent communication tool, about internship opportunities, school news and exam results…

It will also be used to broadcast emergency messages and instructions. It will help manage queues during registration and keep the crowd waiting. It can also display canteen menus and other nutritional information, while keeping them entertained while they wait.

Our digital signage is an entertaining tool, broadcasting weather reports and wishing teachers and students happy birthdays. The solution can also offer fun, educational quizzes while reassuring students. You can even tell the story of your school to attract students’ interest.

For teachers and visitors

With interactive screens, information flows everywhere, all the time. The latter will be more easily retained by the target audience. As far as teachers are concerned, digital signage allows them tobe quickly informed. From room changes to upcoming parent-teacher meetings. It also keeps them informed about conditions at the facility, as well as internal and external events. For effective communication, the interactive terminals can also be used to announce upcoming class council dates.

On the visitor side (parents, external members of the teaching team, company managers involved in internships, etc.), digital screens will direct and orientate them within the school. You’ll be able to share key information about your school and your students’ achievements with your visitors. Thanks to screens: kiosks, tablets, totems… you can significantly reduce the risk of errors. All this, while optimizing the management of your school.