s a designer and innovator of elevators and escalators, Schindler fully meets your needs, taking every aspect of design into account. Well-known internationally, the company has chosen digital signage as its means of communication.

“It’s powerful!”

Rahim Adroug, Digital Project Manager

Currently, around 100 screens are deployed in Schindler elevators, contributing to their values of innovation and quality. Their vocation: “Add something extra to the ordinary”. And it’s thanks to the partnership with Emity, with whom they share common values of innovation and quality, that this goal has been achieved. The connected elevator becomes more than just a means of getting around. Schindler screens make it welcoming and comfortable.

First of all, Schindler, an expert in urban mobility, offers its customers connected solutions to simplify and boost communication around elevators. Then, by integrating the Emity solution, Schindler France set itself apart from its competitors. After that, in 2018, the latter is launching “E-screen” for better elevator communication via connected screens. The company offers remote content management in partnership with Emity.

“The partnership with Emity works, the solution is reliable”.

Schindler France was looking for a technology partner to support its innovation project for the integration of connected Schindler displays on landings and in elevators. Ever more innovative and creative, the company opts for digital signage! A simple way to keep visitors waiting while delivering relevant content.

The international company is recognized in particular by its professional customers for its constant quest for innovative solutions. Schindler France chose digital signage, and thus the Emity solution. Of course, after analyzing its offer, which is differentiated by its simplicity, performance and incredible prices. Schindler then signed a framework partnership agreement with Emity.

In conclusion, we’re delighted to be working with a company like Schindler, which shares our values in innovation and technology. The desire to bring the extraordinary to the ordinary is a slogan that raises questions about the product, and thus arouses the interest of customers. By adding a digital dimension with dynamic elevator displays, interest is much more pronounced.

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Why digitalize your products?

By adding a digital dimension to your products, you enter a new era, a new market. Bringing this novelty to your products, no matter what it is, will always catch the eye of customers and potential customers. What’s new is always more interesting.

By using digital signage, you not only make your products more innovative, but also communicate who you are. You then have a new perception on the part of others: a more modern, quality and relevant company that sticks in people’s minds.

Article by Jade Begue on April 22, 2021