Amusement parks are magical worlds where visitors want to lose themselves. A high-quality, unforgettable welcome is a must!

That’s why theme parks are upgrading to digital signage. In an amusement park, there’s a lot to see and a lot to do, so digital signage helps to optimize the visitor experience.

Digital signage in theme parks: to intrigue & to inform

Digital signage at the front or inside the park helps you attract and inform your visitors quickly and easily.

  • Welcome everyone and highlight essential information for your guests: opening times, prices, accessibility, etc.
  • Guide visitors through the park, directing them and smoothing the traffic flow.
  • Broadcast important information in real time that could have an impact on visitors’ journeys: weather, accidents, malfunctions, etc.
  • Control the opening and closing of attractions and notify your visitors in a matter of seconds.
  • Inform your visitors about upcoming shows and not-to-be-missed events, so they can enjoy their stay with complete peace of mind.

Digital signage in theme parks: to fascinate and to entertain

Thanks to screen communication, visitors are captivated by the world you present. By immersing themselves, they can interact with the park’s universe and lose track of time.

  • Improve the fluidity of your reception area and all your queues within the park with digital signage. With real-time information on the status of each ride, visitors can adjust their day and optimize their time on site.
  • Entertain visitors by reducing the perceived waiting time. You can install screens in queues and offer your visitors new content to catch their attention. Whether it’s games, informative videos or other content, digital signage will make waiting more enjoyable.
  • Create your own designs thanks to our partnership with Canva. Creating your own content will help to fit in with the theme park’s different worlds, so visitors will never be disoriented by the screens. On the contrary, they will reinforce the immersive experience for young and old alike.
  • Customize your displays according to the location of the screens in the park and your targets. Whether it’s the park’s attractions, hotels or restaurants, everything can be created directly on our platform.

Digital signage in theme parks: to convince & to sell

Emity and its digital signage software can help you win over and build customer loyalty by offering them a complete and memorable experience.

  • Create buying impulse, suggest services, products or offers to your visitors, and gain visibility thanks to the simplicity of on-screen messaging.
  • Build visitor loyalty with customized messages. For example, by suggesting similar attractions to a visitor who has just finished a ride.
  • Easily manage crowds and simplify your visitors’ stay.
  • Secure your installations and ensure rapid intervention in the case of a malfunction.
  • Control all your screens remotely, supervise the whole park easily from a single software application, and be sure to guarantee quality service to your visitors.

The amusement industry has been transformed by the introduction of digital signage, particularly in theme parks. Visitor experiences are more immersive, entertaining and targeted. Digital signage is becoming the key to optimizing visitors’ journeys, as their choices and movements in the park are all organized with the screens’ help.