Ina hotel, it’s important to use all the right tips to catch guests’ attention. That’s why many hotel managers are turning to digital signage . They can boost their communication and improve their image at an affordable price. It’s an essential means of communication and marketing strategy in the hotel industry…

How do I connect a screen in a hotel room?

All hotel rooms have televisions. However, they are usually exclusively for TV programs and channels. Then, is it possible to use these screens to communicate the hotel’s activities? The answer is yes! Thanks to our E-Box player, all you need is a VGA or HDMI plug to control all the screens in your rooms. So that you can communicate about current offers and the restaurant’s menu! The goal is to boost hotel bookings and to keep customers satisfied.

In-room TV then becomes a communication tool. Content can be managed directly by the hotel, or by a brand’s marketing department. The EMITY system lets you manage administration on several levels: user level (for 2 or 3 posters) and administrator level (with full management rights).

Thanks to our E-Box
management platform
gives customers access to a connection interface with the hotel reception desk. In just a few clicks, if you need a service or a drink at the bar, the customer’s request is sent immediately to reception: no more waiting!

For the hotel, it’s an effective way of boosting customer satisfaction and to increase consumption.

Digital signage: a profitable means of communication for the hotel industry

There are many advantages to using digital signage in a hotel chain. Here are the highlights:

Announce events in real time

Digital signage is a highly effective way of informing your customers about tourist activities, events and local news. Dynamic screens in the rooms provide information on event dates and times. Photos and videos are also a great way to promote the event, you invite customers to participate and create a friendly atmosphere.

It’s time-saving

With digital signage, you can guide your customers to the rooms in your establishment. All they have to do is glance at the screen. This will help them find their way around the hotel. It’s a great way to let them know when the restaurant is open. It also provides guests with advice on the use of the hotel’s various equipment: air conditioners, heaters, etc. It’s also a way for the company to facilitate the work of its staff. The time it takes to guide customers during rush hour, for example, is halved.

Animating your website

Digital signage allows customers to boost your website. It’s an effective way for customers to like your company page and share links. It’s also a great way to encourage customers to leave reviews on social networks. The Facebook page and specialized websites (such as TripAdvisor) will be enhanced to provide new and improved services. All these interactions will also help promote your website worldwide and increase your traffic. Digital signage makes a major contribution to improving your company’s image, and at lower cost.