Digital signage is increasingly used in foodservice. Major groups such as Sodexo, Compass and Elior use connected screens as a means of communication in their restaurants. It’s a true communications medium that perfectly meets the expectations of companies in this digital age. It’s a highly effective tool that provides employees with all the right information in real time. For example: the cafetaria and daily menu, opening and closing times, new recipes and much more. You can even broadcast your dynamic menus as QR codes! The benefits of digital signage in the foodservice sector are numerous, for company managers and employees alike.

Digital signage in foodservice: what’s it all for?

Time-saving menu distribution

In the foodservice industry, time is of the essence: responsiveness, food preparation, restocking… So restaurateurs need to find an effective way of saving time. The menu board software is easy to use. In just 3 clicks, the menu is available not only on the screens, but also on social networks and/or the website. It’s a time-saving management software. This cancels the need to write by hand on a chalkboard. This revolutionary tool improves the management of company canteens, with a dynamic on-screen menu. Dynamic menu display has revolutionized the catering industry.

Highly efficient catering

Efficiency and productivity are the key words when it comes to the effectiveness of digital communication. Digital signage in the foodservice sector means you can be more organized in the kitchen by setting up a more efficient schedule. It allows us to improve our cuisine and offer our customers the best possible service. This will enable cooks to communicate directly with consumers. They will also be able to propose different menus that will perfectly match their expectations as well as those of the company. The dynamic menu will then be visible to all.

Customer service

The digital poster solution provides better communication between cafetaria managers and consumers. The traditional chalkboard display belongs to a bygone era. The menu can now be seen further away, and customers can anticipate their choices. It’s an effective means of communication that allows customers to interact in real time.

The latter has the option of liking the canteen page and observing his or her like live. An animation is then triggered on the screen, encouraging other consumers to do the same. It’s also a great way to entertain and improve customer service. Customer service will be able to get an idea of consumer preferences, thanks to comments and likes posted on social networks.

What’s more, using digital technology, menus can be transformed into digital menu boards. Menu QR codes are then created, allowing customers to simply download your poster. Customers scan the restaurant’s QR code and get live access to the restaurant’s dishes. Innovative and modern, this menu digitization system for restaurateurs is becoming increasingly popular. This technique allows employees to be more efficient and customers to be better informed. The dynamic menu board can also be easily programmed from the management software.

Digital signage, also known as digital media, helps to keep customers waiting by broadcasting messages. These can include text, images, videos, weather forecasts, Qr codes, rss feeds… This solution also promotes the canteen’s commitment to consumers.

Informing consumers

Inform and alert consumers via connected screens, about menus, the dish of the day or legal regulations (allergens or health regulations, for example) depending on the standard. For non-prepackaged products, Decree no. 2015-447 of April 17, 2015 reminds us that:

“The presence of allergens must be indicated in writing, close to the product concerned, so that there is no doubt for the consumer. In mass catering, if an allergic consumer is able to signal his or her refusal to consume an allergen, this display is not compulsory”.

The same applies to packaged products, which must show traces of allergens and the products used. These elements will enable consumers to be better informed about their meal. What’s more, by displaying this data on dynamic screens, the chances of preventing them are greater.

Sharing information and messages becomes easier with digital signage. Restaurateurs find it more efficient and consumers more attractive. An animated poster is more likely to catch a consumer’s attention. It can transmit information and entertain him in a matter of seconds.

Restaurant management

Digital signage software is also a valuable communication tool for company management. Collective catering is often part of a company or group. It’s a great way to take advantage of the waiting time to communicate the latest information (company news, recent initiatives, upcoming events and anything else that contributes to the company). It’s an effective way for company managers to observe their employees’ behavior. They can get an idea of the climate within the company.