What are the benefits of digital signage for the corporate world?

The word corporate is related to the word “company”. In business, communication is an essential factor in development. Whether internal or external, it fosters exchanges and maintains the link between the company and its employees, customers, partners, etc.

Digital signageis designed to improve and simplify the sharing of information. It helps increasing the visibility of the message. Therefore, it is within the communication strategy that digital signage finds its place.

The challenges of corporate communication and the use of digital signage

In the office, the main recipients of information are employees. However, in reception areas and showrooms, messages can also reach the company’s visitors: customers, partners, etc.

Internal communication: to unite employees around common projects or objectives, and to develop a corporate culture.

There are many methods of communication in the corporate world: oral (events, telephone, videoconferences…), printed (posters, company newspapers…), web (e-mail, intranet, social networks, discussion groups…).

However, in order to create cohesion, it is essential that the messages conveyed are understood and reach all employees. In other words, to strengthen team commitment, the message must be:

  • Clear:Images and videos over text, as they make it easier to assimilate information.
  • Seen by all: Beware of “infobesity”, the message published must not be “drowned out”. It will be better assimilated if it is shared at a specific moment, in a specific place, when the target is most available.

Digital signage, or digital media, meets these requirements. The content broadcast is diversified and programmable (playlists). Also, the choice of supports (TV screens, totems, tablets, etc.) is wide, making it easy to adapt to the most strategic location. The company, by opting for digital signage for internal communication, promotes employee well-being and communication. And this applies regardless of the team they belong to: marketing, human resources, sales, development, etc.

External communication: to promote a product/service or brand, reassure partners, enhance the company’s image

What better way to to captivate visitorswhat better way to captivate innovative and more creative than to opt for a new method of a new method of communication ?

In reception areas, connected screens make messages more dynamic than traditional magazines, flyers and posters. These “new generation” ways of communicating help focus the visitors’ attention and put the information in the spotlight.

Digital signage, or DOOH (Digital Out Of Home), enables the programmed display of a variety of multimedia content (text, images, videos, rss feeds, etc.). This has 2 big benefits: One, digital signage can help break the monotony! Visitors are waiting but are entertained at the same time. Two, it also gives them access to a wide range of information including corporate, promotional, news and practical information.

The benefits of digital signage

Thanks to this digital tool, the information conveyed within the structure is enhanced. That’s right, multimedia content seduces with its lively, colorful formats. Their dynamic diffusion (unlike a poster) attracts the eye. With digital signage, your content comes to life.

Simultaneous broadcasting to multiple connected screens ensures better better deployment in record time. record time !

How does digital signage work?

To use digital signage in your corporate offices, all you need is one or more screens. They will be associated with a digital signage solutionsolution, itself composed of software and a box:

  • The boxas an intermediary element, provides the link between the screen and the software. It thus guarantees the transmission of software-designed content to the screen (or screen park) via an Internet connection. (electrical outlets and RJ45 sockets are to be provided close to the screens and enclosure)

  • The software

    will synchronize the images, videos and texts that will be displayed in 1 click on connected screens. There’s no need to be at the display site, as data can be managed and shared remotely.

Why opt for digitalization?

As mentioned above, there are many “classic” communication media. Internally, emails, newsletters and on-site displays are commonly used. Externally, the company maintains links with its visitors, customers and partners through social networks, its website, billboards, etc.

However, by opting for digital signage, you :

  • Modernize your premises with a few screens and a digital signage solution that’s quick and easy to install and use.
  • Innovate with digital media and support your visitors: invite them to get to know you better, help them find their way around and, above all, keep them waiting! One of the benefits of digital signage is to entertain. This reduces the feeling of waiting and makes them want to come back.
  • Make thecustomer experience keep them interested, by providing key information, and maintain simply by capturing their attention and entertaining them.
  • Declutter traditional information channels such as calls, e-mails or posters: communicate with your employees at the best time, when they are receptive, and reduce the risk of information loss.

In a nutshell, keep your customers your customers, partners and employees! Thanks to targeted, up-to-date and varied information dissemination information: developments, events, incidents, welcome messages, room schedules, signage…

Installing the offer

Finally, to install digital signage in your offices, you can contact a screen manufacturer. You can also contact a digital signage professional. With regard to the latter’s offer, we advise you to pay close attention to the functionalities integrated into the proposed solution:

  • Entertainment? For example, E-Manager Premium and Excellence packages include widgets weather, time, rss feeds, etc.
  • From modules for corporate digital signage? Emity offers :
    • E-Document : Its solution for exchanging digital documents via one (or more) connected screens. Your employees can consult, send or download documents in a matter of seconds from a kiosk, totem, touchscreen or tablet.
    • E-Meeting: Its room reservation and organization solution. Your teams can view rooms, their equipment and availability. The dynamic display screen shows, in real time, reserved periods and upcoming free slots.


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