Communication screens

Communication screen

The communication screen is a device used to display information. These displays can be both visual and/or auditory.

This tool has proved to be extremely useful to communicate effectively and interact with a wide audience. Communication screens take many forms: LCD or LED screens, tablets, smartphones, TV sets, etc. there’s something for everyone

Who are they designed for?

Communication screens are designed for professionals who want to display information, clearly and precisely, to a specific audience.

Screens can be found anywhere: in public places, businesses, shops, industries and real estate.

Discover the benefits of communication screens

They are a dynamic and attractive solution

The evolution of today’s means of communication, via screens, makes things much more interesting and attractive. Especially in terms of data transmission.

The animated nature of the broadcast increases public visibility and attention. Information and updates are provided in real time, which is a real time-saver.

The use of these dynamic communication media also conveys a modern, dynamic image.

Respect of the environment

With communication screens, you can easily replace traditional paper display. Therefore you simply reduce your consumption of paper, which will avoid its quick transformation into waste. You can also reduce all other materials involved in printing (ink, toner, etc.).

The use of screens enables more direct and efficient communication, which will then also reduces the need to travel to print.

Create, distribute and manage information

These devices allow you to create, distribute and manage information efficiently and professionally.

You can share content online, with a large number of people, in just one click.

With Emity, you have the opportunity to use a complete platform for creating and distributing content on communication screens.

With our partnership with Canva, it’s even easier to design displays and to convey your messages, advertisements and more.

Designs include images, text, video and sound.

With Emity, your communication screens will become essential!

These features make it easy to deploy your advertising campaigns and transmit information to everyone.