telier banette is a French bakery, patisserie and snack bar specializing in the finest French cuisine. To treat your eyes without even entering the store, the company has opted for the Emity’s digital signage solution . Now it treats its customers far beyond taste.

“Maximum interest in responsiveness”.

Marie Madrid, Marketing and Communications Manager

Atelier banette offers delicious, quality products in a warm and inviting shopping environment. They give their bakery a scent that attracts customers. But that wasn’t enough to get everyone into their store. The company has therefore turned to digital signage, using 15 digital signage screens. from Emity. She seduced her customers with a management of incredible visuals, recorded on the E-manager remote content management platform. Digital signage in bakeries and pastries is all the rage!

Thanks to the Emity solution, the company was able to stand out from its competitors in its sector and market. Digital signage for bakeries, pastries and snacks was an effective solution that met the needs of both the company and its customers.

“What’s great is the fact that you can manage it remotely and create directly with an editor integrated into the tool. It’s a really nice tool”.

Working with French companies fills us with joy, especially when we see their motivation and determination to evolve and communicate. to their customers. As a French start-up, Emity supports every company with an innovative digital project which we hope to make a reality and become sustainable. Our role is to help every company grow. As far as his reputation and its brand image as well as communicating with its customers by creating a customer experience.

Thedigital sign age solutionfor bakeries and patisseries creates a unique link with consumers. They’ll be amazed by the quality of the visuals and the products!

Finally, we’re also more than happy to offer digital signage solutions to businesses. abroad who want to increase their visibility. Using French digital signage marks a turning point in your communication! And by choosing Emity you benefit from unbeatable value for money.

French cities where the company is located
concepts: bakery, pastry, sandwiches, pizzas, pies
products sold per day (on average)

Is digital signage the best communication solution for restaurant owners?

There are many means of communication: print or web, media or non-media, visual or textual… But we believe that thehe best solution is to use it all at once! Combining writing with images and stream information information to make it more effective.

Digital signage is an interactive interactive that brings together a number of communication techniques to keep pace with the times digitalmore modern and attractive.

January 28, 2021