Imagine… Democratizing the digital transition to create social links, in a living space as basic as a residential building, informing hundreds of employees around the world at the same time, displaying a sale to all its stores in just 1 click…

For EMITY, a company based near Montpellier (Hérault/FR), digital technology must facilitate human and commercial relations. Connected and dynamic screens are modern, environmentally-friendly communication vectors.

Gédeon RUAS and Alexandre VORON – Founders of EMITY

From screen to human, the evolution of a concept

A concept born from a simple idea

“What do 2 engineers do when they have lunch in a restaurant? They invent the slate of the future.”

The idea was born in the minds of Gédéon Ruas and Alexandre Voron, 2 long-time friends and colleagues, while talking to the owner of a restaurant where they used to have lunch. Alexandre and Gédéon came up with a way of simplifying his life by reinventing the digital slate.

This lays the foundations for the EMITY project, which aims to make an intelligent screen an integral part of a professional’s daily life.

How does this new solution fit in with the democratization of digital signage?

Digital signage solutions are not new. What makes EMITY a unique solution is its accessibilitysimplicity of installation and use, and a very affordable price.

The innovation lies in its design, which makes it a tool that can be used both by independent professionals and multinationals.

Accessibility facilitated by technological advances that bring hi-tech equipment (screens, computers, Internet) within reach of a wider public at lower cost.

There are many reasons why professionals are going digital. Generally speaking, changing l ifestyles (Generation 2.0, ultra-mobility) are leading individuals to integrate technology more readily into their daily lives, including professionals in their business, and the shift from fixed to digital signage is a major factor. several advantages :

  • Save time on message design and delivery,
  • Send a message to an infinite number of media, anywhere in the world, in just 1 click,
  • Give a second life to audiovisual equipment already acquired,
  • Improve information transmission,
  • etc.

All contribute, in their own way, to maintaining a social link :

  • A restaurateur who spends more time with his customers because he’s saved time updating his slate every day.
  • A coworking site that encourages exchanges between its professional residents by publishing, on a screen located in the reception area, the program of shared events, the classified ads of hosted companies, etc.
  • The in-house communications department of a multi-site company that does its employees a world of good by reducing the overload of informative e-mails, while at the same time sending out personalized greetings (birthdays, anniversaries, salary information, etc.).

The ease of installation and use of a modular tool, and its affordable price, make digital signage accessible to all businesses, and potentially to everyone in the near future.

Tomorrow, EMITY projects the screen as a creator of social links

Gédéon and Alexandre have a very clear vision of the usefulness of their solution in the near future: to extend the professional dimension of digital transition to the collective sphere.

For example, the connected building of tomorrow will enable the exchange of information, tips and objects between neighbors, thus maintaining and even encouraging links between residents.The screens installed on the landing will be able to recognize the person they are talking to and deliver a personalized, relevant message.

The story of 2 engineer friends who dream of making screens intelligent

25 years of friendship. Alexandre Voron and Gédéon Ruas met in 1998, when they were both studying at the same university.

Together, they graduated in engineering from Polytech Montpellier. Together, they spent almost 15 years working in embedded systems technology for a large family-owned company in Montpellier.

Both partners are brimming with creativity and the desire to live their own entrepreneurial adventure. This will begin in 2018, with the creation of EMITY.

Always offer the best solution for a responsible choice

Every display solution integrates at least one screen, a player and content management software. To differentiate itself from conventional versions, EMITY has focused on :

  • Reduce the size of the player to deliver a micro-PC that fits in your hand.
  • Develop its content management platform to make it usable on all media (computer, tablet and smartphone) and compatible with the new smart TVs, which already have an integrated player.

N.B. Its little “energy-saving” plus: the on/off function, which lets you program a screen to switch off automatically at a set time.

  • Advise users, particularly in the choice of their screen(s), taking into account their needs and the equipment they already have:

– In most cases, the screens already installed are sufficient to broadcast dynamic messages. You might as well give them a second life and help reduce the amount of electronic waste.

– If you’re looking to buy, our wide range of products means you’re sure to find the right equipment for the job. And a well-used screen lasts longer.

N.B. Environmentally-friendly screens are available today: they consume less energy, are free from toxic materials such as mercury, and are designed to last longer.

Objective: to become the French leader in digital signage

Planted in the Hérault region in 2018, the start-up is now expanding in France and abroad.

Recognized from the outset by Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole’s BIC (Business & Innovation Centre) for its innovative concept, the start-up initially joined the Cap Alpha business incubator in Clapiers (34).

EMITY quickly proved its worth to local and national economic players. In particular, the start-up received the 2019 Laureates Trophy from Réseau Entreprendre Occitanie Méditerranée, which rewards business projects with high development potential.

Today, EMITY has grown considerably, and the company supports both major national groups such as Schindler, Europcar, Colissimo, Orchestra and Givenchy, and local players such as Bureaux and co, Au Bureau and Atelier Banette in Occitanie.

It validates its opening up to the world market in 2020 (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Senegal), while keeping the company’s headquarters in Hérault, and plans for 2024:

  • 10 new hires
  • 10,000 licenses installed
  • sales of €1,500 k

To sum up, here are a few figures:

2018creation of EMITY

2019Réseau Entreprendre Laureate

2021integration of CANVA, the renowned visual creation website, into our platform

2022SOC integration directly into Samsung, LG, Iiyama, Philips, Sony and Vestel displays.

4000 licenses installed since inception

400 accounts receivable

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