Elevators are often forgotten tools. When we think of existing means of transport, the first that come to mind are cars, trains, planes, bicycles… The elevator hardly ever comes to mind…

And yet, according to Le Figaro, the elevator is the leading means of transport in France, with 100 million journeys made every day.

Screens to modernize elevators

French elevator fleet

According to the Fédération des Ascenseurs, there are currently 620,000 elevators in operation in France. 50% of whom are over 25. The need to renovate this ageing stock is therefore one of the sector’s top 3 priorities.

Modernizing or replacing an elevator can reduce its energy consumption, thanks to technological advances and the latest materials.

Only 1.2% of elevators are renewed each year.

The elevator market is bound to grow, and with it technological innovations.

Technological and digital innovations such as displays

  • Connected elevators are on the rise: but what are they? Based on connectivity and programming, these are “intelligent” elevators that can be managed remotely to improve flow management. For example, users can call the elevator using their smartphone to reduce the time spent waiting outside the elevator doors.
  • Preventive maintenance: Equipment monitoring is optimized thanks to preventive maintenance: sensors are placed on the elevator and, when an anomaly is detected, the information is transmitted in real time to technicians who can act more rapidly.
  • Aesthetic personalization: the elevator is no longer just a practical device. It’s also an integral part of a building. Customized solutions are also designed to match the building’s decoration and aesthetics.
  • Dynamic screens: elevators feature dynamic screens. These broadcast information to users, such as weather, news and much more. Screens make the elevator more innovative and comfortable.

Waiting, the most important comfort criterion for elevators

There are many criteria used by users to assess elevator comfort. Waiting times on landings, acceptable population density in cabins, acceleration/deceleration, safety, acoustics, pressure, lighting…

However, the one that comes up first is the waiting time at the landing.

Whether at work or outside, who hasn’t been bored waiting for the elevator?

This is an opportunity to exploit the waiting time on the landing (or in the elevator) to broadcast your communication via screens. Wait marketing goes into action.

Screens for elevators,

an Emity / Schindler partnership

Digital signage makes waiting for the elevator fun and entertaining.

Montpellier-based Emity offers a range of special screens for landings and cabins. These take the form of flush-mounted flush-mounted displays, featuring 4G connectivity.

These screens make the elevator welcoming, modern and comfortable.

Emity, publisher of a web-based remote screen management platform, has signed a partnership agreement with Schindler. It is one of the world’s leading elevator manufacturers.

Today, around 100 screens are deployed in Schindler elevators. Digital signage contributes to their values of innovation and quality.

“Add something extra to the ordinary.” This slogan perfectly sums up the company’s ambition to offer its customers a unique experience.

E-Screen is Schindler’s remote content management solution, in partnership with Emity. It’s easy to use, and allows information to be distributed in real time.

The elevator industry is adapting to our changing lifestyles. And a start-up like Emity brings its know-how to the table.