H ealthcare facilities may also need connected screens. Hospitals, clinics, senior residences…

All these healthcare establishments are modernizing and making life easier for patients thanks to digital screens. Because several types of
and they play several roles: signalling, information, entertainment.

Combining digital signage and healthcare for the well-being of patients

Displays for signalling and orientation

Patients are guided through the various areas of the healthcare facility by dynamic screens installed at the reception desk, in the corridors, or at the check-in counter. Digital screens can also be used to manage queues, displaying numbers in order of arrival and broadcasting sounds to warn patients. As a result, organization becomes optimum.

Information screens

With touch screens, the patient becomes the actor of his or her visit. As a result, he’s the one looking for useful information.

Touch screens are installed in strategic areas such as reception halls, public rooms, etc. These screens make life easier for administrative and medical staff. Patients who use the touchscreens will find all the practical information they need about their care. Dynamic medical signage guarantees that the information they consult is up to date.

In waiting rooms for specialists in healthcare establishments (e.g. surgeons, anaesthetists, etc.), the wall screen shows videos explaining the care provided in the establishment. This reassures the patient of the practitioner’s professionalism.

Screens for entertainment

In waiting rooms, dynamic screens keep customers entertained while they wait for their appointment or treatment. Weather, news, advertising, key figures, etc. These widgets and videos capture patients’ attention and reduce their stress.

Screens for optimum display management

The screens can be wall-mounted or used as mobile terminals.

The difference in treatment between a fixed medium (on PVC sheets) and digital signage is immense for healthcare establishments. Let’s take the case of a hospital department that is reorganizing and changing floors. With digital displays, changing signage is just a few clicks away. This is made possible by centralizing screen orders on a connected platform. Unlike traditional signage, where you have to change every plate in every space concerned (a tedious job).

Screens for Covid safety

In addition to disseminating useful information on Covid-19 and reminding people of barrier measures, some totems are equipped with a reservoir of hydro-alcoholic gel. The contact-free dispenser delivers a calibrated dose of gel to patients and staff.

Digital signage and safety in healthcare facilities on one screen.