Managing your touch screen: E-Touch, Emity’s digital signage solution for interactive communication

A touchscreen is a device that integrates display (screen) and pointing devices on the same surface. The best-known pointing devices are the stylus and, in the most basic version, the finger. They replace the mouse normally used for screen interaction.

Emity has designed E-Touch to combine digital signage and touch screens. This solution, integrated with E-Manager, offers a wide range of functions for easy management of content destined for an interactive surface. Thanks to E-Touch, inviting your visitors to browse your website and share documents with them is child’s play.

Touch screen management, a solution for everyone

Companies, businesses, institutions… they can all be equipped with touch screens.

Digital signage represents a first step in differentiating marketing methods from traditional communications. Touch is another, the icing on the cake. Its strengths? Interactivity, personalization and accessibility of information.

Discover the benefits of our touch screen management solution

The E-Touch solution guarantees your users easy navigation via the touch-sensitive surface. It offers original, dynamic communication, which you can embellish with beautiful designs, thanks to our partner Canva.

Opt for original, modern communication with touch screen management

With E-Touch, Emity offers you the chance to make a difference by creating a more user-friendly interaction, where users choose the information they wish to display on screen, according to their centers of interest.

Today, thanks to advances in technology, there is a wide range of touch-sensitive media on which your creativity can be displayed: tablets, kiosks, totem poles, etc. By associating them with E-Touch, you make distribution fun and participative.

Thanks to touch screen management, invite your users to browse your website

How can you give free access to your website from your fleet of touch screens?

Simply select Emity’s integrated function when creating your playlist, then enter the site’s URL. Then deploy your playlist. Our platform takes care of the rest. It’s as easy as pie!

Program your playlists to display your content dynamically and your website or interactive documents

Create a grouped communication (posters, videos, texts, images, etc.), then integrate the link to your website, or any other interactive document, into this playlist, using the “touch” functionality.

This programming model enables you to scroll through your playlist when the screen is idle, and to stop scrolling (with a simple touch of the finger) to display your website or documents when the screen is activated. All the user has to do is navigate through the available elements (site, documents, questionnaires, etc.).

Create and share interactive documents or websites with Canva

Partnering with Emity, Canva is a true design creation tool. The strength of this platform lies in its simple yet comprehensive interface, enabling the creation of high-impact marketing content, even for amateurs.

Integrated with E-Manager, it allows you to create your media directly on our software and distribute them as soon as they’re finished.

If you want to set up a website, or create an interactive document that works on the touch surface of your choice, it’s all possible with Canva. Your creativity will be further enhanced by the availability of our vast catalog and tools.

E-Survey (survey campaign management) and E-Attente (queue management) have been added to E-Touch. Emity has designed its touch solutions to cover a wide range of uses, optimizing the use of touchscreen kiosks.