Becauseof its complexity, the industrial sector needs effective, relevant means of communication. Our factory digital signage is a great communication tool that perfectly meets the needs of the industry. Admittedly, it’s a technological shift, but there’s no denying that it offers many advantages. Manufacturing companies use connected screens for fast, easy distribution, unlike traditional displays.

Digital signage, a highly effective communication tool

Industrial digital signage is a fast, flexible communication tool. But the information must be relevant, of high quality and easy to understand. It displays key information from the production line in real time. It communicates with flow management, production and logistics tools. Thanks to this automatic data exchange, you’ll be able to communicate with precision. Depending on the time of day and location of the screen.

In elevators, cafeterias, reception areas, transit zones, production areas… you can manage information remotely. For a better digital media factory, our screens are adapted to your company’s buildings! Depending on temperature and humidity levels.

With our digital signage, you can communicate in real time with all your employees. You’ll be able to showcase your different departments and send messages internally in an attractive way. You’ll also be able to advise staff on company developments and control communication effectively. You can also easily modernize your image in the eyes of your employees, customers and suppliers. Our solution enables you to retrieve your excel and SAP files and display them on your screens.

The benefits of digital signage in the industrial sector

Digital signage has several functions: sharing, warning, communicating and informing. Our system allows you to inform your employees of safety and hygiene instructions. First, it lets you share reminders and schedules. Then, to post future training sessions and pass on information from management and production. If you want to display your production indicators and HSE information, DOOH is the ideal solution.

Our in-house communication technology also enables us to communicate action plans. But also, upcoming managers interviews, holidays, production volumes, local events, upcoming audits…

It also announces objectives, results and performance indicators, and warns of upcoming or ongoing maintenance procedures. It notifies customer visits, communicates the arrival of a new employee and their function, and transmits classified announcements (births, weddings or other events). The company’s management is modern and efficient.

Digital signage as an effective means of preventing real risks

Thanks to its simplicity, speed and accessibility, our system lets you change the multimedia content on your screens whenever you feel it’s necessary. When content is dynamic and changing, employees are more receptive to messages. But most importantly, our industrial digital signage helps to raise awareness of the real risks in the workplace. This way, it makes a real contribution to the safety of your employees in the workplace. In a company, a workplace accident costs an average of 30,000 euros.

Its ease of use ensures that it is accessible to employees who are not accustomed to digital tools.

By using our connected screens to broadcast safety instructions, you can reduce the number of accidents in your company.

Digital signage to attract visitors

For your visitors, potential investors or partners, our dynamic factory display allows you to update the information displayed in the factory in real time. They can be renewed at any time. Your visitors can see important data such as profit made or number of sales achieved…

You can display a video showing how the workshop works. For example: the production line, the workings, the premises, the finished products… To distribute dynamic and attractive content on the industry, you can mix templates, photos, videos, information, internal messages, RSS feeds, animations…

Throughout their visit, they learn more about your company. It’s also a way of showing them that your company is modern and responsive. It is capable of proposing appropriate solutions. Certainly, communication will have more impact with screens dedicated to industrial digital signage. It’s a real attention-grabber in the sense that it’s not intrusive advertising. It will therefore be informative advertising.

What digital signage can do for your business

Our digital displays are directly linked to your databases and Excel files. You can send indicators to the screens to interact with your production teams. You’ll communicate in real time, without human intervention. Digital signage also plays a crucial role in your company, helping to motivate your employees. As a result, they’ll be more productive and perform better.

By being in touch with all the company’s performance, your employees feel more committed. Using our screens also significantly reduces ink and paper consumption. You don’t print any more paper, you reduce your company’s ecological footprint.

In fact, going green is synonymous with modernity and respect for our planet. But our modern communication system also saves a considerable amount of time. If digital signage represents a major investment at the outset, you won’t need any additional equipment to use your screens.

Like all communication tools, industrial digital signage is designed to convey information while applying LEAN management methodology. By integrating our screens into your business, you can provide your employees and customers with interesting, up-to-date information. You can then use them to motivate your employees, boost your communications or reduce your company’s ecological footprint. As a result, you innovate and stand out from the competition.