Digital signagein Strasbourg is gaining in popularity and becoming an essential communication tool. Boost your points of sale throughout the Grand-Est region and grab your target audience’s attention in a matter of seconds with Emity’s turnkey solution.

Digital signage in Strasbourg.

Who is it for ?

Shops, restaurants, hotels, medical practices, schools… Anyone can use digital signage! No matter your field or business activity. Thanks to this marketing communication tool, you can broadcast all your multimedia content to your screen or set of screens. Simple, fast and effective, you’ll be able to communicate both internally with your staff and externally with your customers!

Where to?

You can broadcast both outdoors and indoors: in the streets of Strasbourg, as well as on your premises. With the Emity solution, simply connect your box to your screens and manage content remotely. Whether you’re in the city, the village next door or on the other side of the planet!

Why pick us?

Because Emity is a French brand with a national presence! With its high-performance design office and sales team, we are with you every step of the way. Thanks to the solutions we have developed, Emity offers unbeatable prices and exceptional quality.

And with Emity’s local partners, you can be sure of quick delivery and installation. Our partners can come for a pre-visit to discuss your project with you and guide you though all the steps.

Digital signage specialist Emity offers you a complete digital signage solution wherever you are in the Grand-Est region: Strasbourg, Reims, Metz, Mulhouse, Nancy, Colmar, Troyes, Châlons-en-Champagne, Thionville, Épernay… But also in the departments of Marne, Ardennes, Aube, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Vosges and all the departments in the region!