The countdown is on! The holidays are just around the corner and preparations are already underway.
Christmas is akey season for retailers and marketers. Indeed, the sales point will soon be doubling or even tripling their customer traffic. Therefore, to meet this growth in demands, the communication must be spotless. The goals: To marvel, seduce, convince and build loyalty.

Everything has to be just right to encourage sales. And your communication campaign is no exception. Thankfully, with digital signage you gain in efficiency and simplicity. You also benefit from features that only digital signage and its connected screens can provide.

We’re ready to reveal the secrets of the perfect poster campaign.

Here are 7 tips for an enchanting Christmas marketing campaign!

1. Prepare your “Christmas Marketing” operation at your sales point

The key to a successful communications operation is anticipation. You know that it’s much easier to work on your retail marketing strategy way before the rush. You then can concentrate fully on content and graphic design. Our digital signage software lets you save your creations. That way, any and all your content (images, videos, etc.) can be designed in advance.

More importantly, the broadcasting of this content is programmable. In other words, you can decide to display, on a given date, a visual prepared well beforehand. For example, a slide show created in November may not be shown until December 24th. The digital signage software automatically triggers the broadcast. There’s no need to worry about it, we have got your back! Therefore, during the acual Christmas rush – you can be organized and your time is better spent. You can focus on your customers or order/stock tracking, for example.

It’s worth mentionning that editing a dynamic display is quick and can be updated immediately. Depending on customer feedback, you can easily change up your designs for a greater impact.

2. Create enchanted visuals

In this festive season, a few graphic fantasies will be appreciated by customers and are sure to catch their eye. They’re out of the ordinary, and add to the special atmosphere of the festive season.

There’s no need to overdo it. Visuals must be dressed for the holidays, while remaining consistent with your corporate identity.

In need of creativity? Find templates on E-manager thanks to E-Templates and our Canva partnership.

3. Inspire shoppers and encourage them to buy

Don’t limit your digital signage to advertising your offers and promotions. In their quest for the perfect present, support your customers by broadcasting :

  • gift ideas,
  • new products in store,
  • top sales to help them make the right choice…

With all those tips, your customers are sure to find what they’re looking for in your store.

And, for every purchase, let them know that they will also receive a small holiday present:

  • free gift-wrapping,
  • additional discount on festive products,
  • goodies…

4. Strengthen your brand image

Christmas is all about sharing and conviviality. It’s an opportunity to strengthen ties with those closest to us. Incorporate this spirit into your Christmas marketing campaign:

  • share your retailer’s story,
  • tell us about your achievements over the past year,
  • dream, with your customers, about your future projects.

In short, turn your customers into true ambassadors for your brand, its image and its values.

5. Strategically place your digital signage screens

We can’t stress this enough: the location of the screen, totem or kiosk is crucial. Whether indoor or outdoor, the screen must be visible and located in traffic areas.

For more information, see our articles on DOOH screens and transparent screens.

6. Manage traffic

Digital Signage adapts to the health context, and now offers the option ofdisplaying attendance levels. The number of people present at the point of sale is known at all times. This allows quotas to be respected, traffic to flow more smoothly and distance to be respected.

7. What about compliance with health regulations?

The screen support (usually a totem) is fitted with a reservoir of hydroalcoholic gel. The contactless dispenser delivers a calibrated dose of gel to people entering the sales area.