Fromthe local SME to the international group, every company is concerned by internal communications. Why? If done right, effective internal communication is a real lever for growth. If it is pu aside, it can lead to a decline in quality of life at work, and therefore productivity.

Considering thus, the challenge is to facilitate access, circulation and sharing of information. And without having its content degraded by misunderstandings.

Internal communication channels are varied. In fact, information can be transmitted :

  • Directly, through meetings and events (seminars, afterworks, etc.),
  • Via printed media: posters, reports, in-house newsletter…
  • Thanks to digital technology: internal social networks, emails…

And now, digital signage is coming into the business to complete the range. But what are the advantages over other internal communication solutions?

Find out how digital signage helps you get your messages across internally

There are many reasons for a deterioration in internal communication. Too much information, wrong information (not up-to-date), confusion, etc. Connected screen displays can provide efficient solutions to :

– Lighten your employees’ mailboxes

Instead of sending emails, display your internal communication messages on connected screens. In this way, you can combat your colleagues’ infobesity. And because they’re less overloaded, they’re more efficient in their information monitoring.

– Making information available at the right time

Installed in a common area (break room, etc.), the connected screen is present without being intrusive. This way, your employees can catch up on the latest news when they feel receptive. With touch screens, employees can also transfer information quickly.

– Only distribute up-to-date information

With digital signage software, you can update and distribute content in just a few clicks. Updating them in real time becomes simplicity itself. That way, you avoid the transmission of inaccurate information.

– Avoiding misunderstandings

Displayed on a connected screen, the original message remains accessible to all, and can’t be distorted in the course of exchanges. Replacing your display panels with screens gives you greater visibility and legibility for your information.

– Add a touch of innovation to your corporate image

Digital signage is part of the new digital communication. Step by step, it is taking its place in the workplace, adding a touch of modernity. Dynamic, connected screens are the key to innovative, personalized communication.

Plus: E-manager contributes to internal company organization

Emity’s digital signage software includes additional modules tailored to corporate needs:

  • E-documentDigital document exchange via one or more connected screens. Your employees can consult, send or download documents from a kiosk, totem, touchscreen or tablet. Distribute regulatory documents such as schedules, work codes, emergency exits, etc., and save on document printing.
  • E-Meeting Room reservation and organization. Your teams can view rooms, their equipment and availability. The dynamic display screen shows, in real time, reserved periods and upcoming free slots.

In conclusion, digital signage is a simple, effective and inexpensive way of disseminating information internally. This way, it helps to strengthen team cohesion, forge links and maintain quality of life at work.