Zor ! No more window displays or paper posters. It’s no longer as eye-catching to your prospects as this new alternative that thousands of companies are adopting: digital signage.

Aesthetically and effectively, digital signage displays your content on the screens of your choice, all in just a few clicks!

Digital signage: the fruit of a new era

Multi-site display: your revolution

More than just replacing a shop window with a screen, multisite display offers you a host of possibilities. Among the many advantages, the main one is the ability to broadcast your content remotely to thousands of screens. In thousands of different places. All as easily as on 10 screens in the same location.

😻 A revolution, isn’t it?

What’s the point of creating multiple designs if you’re not given the opportunity to distribute them wherever you want? Set up your communication and, in just a few clicks, all your points of sale and screens will broadcast your creations. Wherever they are.

Adapt your content

Do you have a franchise and want to adapt your content locally? Our e-manager solution is just what you need!

Address each of your customers individually. Give them a unique experience tailored to where they are. So you can get your message out at the same time, wherever you want.

In addition to adapting to each of your points of sale, multi-site display represents a significant competitive advantage! Be the dynamic company that adapts its content.

All it takes is 5 minutes to reach that goal, thanks to Emity. Simply log on to E-manager and create your designs. Once they’re ready to be imported, all you have to do is schedule their broadcast on the screens you’ve selected!

Your revolution is waiting for you… and what are you waiting for?