Installation on Samsung TV


Before proceeding with the installation, check with the person in charge that the screen has been correctly positioned and that it has been installed correctly. an electrical outlet and a network socket. If the network socket is not available, the display may communicate wifi. You'll need to check that the wifi network has sufficient bandwidth.

Connect HDMI cable, power supply and ethernet cable if possible to the screen.

Turn on the screen using the remote control. Access the menu using the MENU button on the remote control. This screen should appear.

Use the arrow keys to move to the System menu.


Go to the ” Start configuration ” menu. This is where all the screen and application configuration takes place.

Automatic power-down must be disabled. You can program your screen using the Web Manager platform!

If you’re connecting via wifi, proceed with the configuration. If not, move on to the next step.

Change the application’s package URL to “”.

Ignore RealMagic server connection and complete configuration

Launching the application

If you encounter any problems during installation or have any questions, please contact our technical support team on 04 30 00 66 01