ubuntu installation

This page will guide you through the installation of the EMITY digital signage solution on UBUNTU operating systems.


  • USB key with at least 16GB storage capacity
  • Wired mouse


You can download the .iso file by clicking on the download button.

You need to install the iso on a memory stick to launch it at PC startup, using the balenaEtcher software(available on Windows, Linux or MacOS):



E-Box V6.00 application

Application under UBUNTU

Ubuntu 20.04 compatible

Flash file on a USB key

Open the software, and you’ll come to this window:

Click on Flash from file , then select the .iso file you downloaded earlier.

Then click on Select target and select your USB flash drive:


Finally, click on Flash! To flash your USB flash drive.

Once the bootable key has been created, you can insert it and start the PC.


When booting your PC, access the BIOS menu to boot from the USB key.


Only one action is required on your part. It’s best to erase the disk and reinstall the operating system cleanly.

Wait for the computer to restart, then for the EMITY software to start up.

If you encounter any problems during installation or have any questions, please contact our technical support team on 04 30 00 66 01