To understand the environmental challenges of digital technology, we need to look at the weight of digital technology in France. The average French person owns eleven connected devices. It’s a figure that leads us to conclude that we all need to take greater responsibility for environmental issues.

Digital challenges for the environment today

Weight of the digital sector in France

  • Number of screen users and time spent in front of screens

According to the Digital Report 2022 published by the Hootsuite platform and We Are Social, France has 60.9 million Internet users, or almost 93% of the population.

  • E-consumption on the rise

In France, over 50% of Internet users aged 16-64 make weekly purchases online. According to the Fédération de l’E-commerce et de la Vente à Distance (FEVAD), the French spend billions of euros thanks to the Internet and product visuals, one of the criteria offered by digital signage.

Consequences ecological

  • Digital equipment production phase

According to the French Ministry of Ecology and Energy Transition, the production phase of digital equipment accounts for over 75% of the digital industry’s environmental footprint (greenhouse gas emissions, water and resource consumption).

  • Digital use phase

At present, 2% of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the use of digital technology in France. This is due in particular to data centers, infrastructures made up of IT equipment that operates 24 hours a day and consumes large amounts of energy. Their main need is server cooling.

The digital sector also consumes 56 billion kw/hour per year in France. This represents 12% of electricity consumption and 3% of final energy consumption. Dynamic displays offer eco-responsible solutions. Low-power, Energy Star-certified displays offer greater efficiency and lower energy consumption. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program is a guarantee of product quality and eco-responsibility. This makes it possible to comply with energy standards on different types of screens.

Finally, equipment dedicated to private or professional use accounts for three-quarters of energy consumption in the digital sector. Computers, tablets, smartphones and Internet boxes consume 45TWh per year in France.

  • End-of-life phase for digital devices

The flow of waste electrical and electronic equipment is increasing by 2% a year in Europe. The percentage of digital waste recycled in France is estimated at less than 40%.

Current legislation

  • LAW n°2021-1485 of November 15, 2021 aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology in France: this is the so-called REEN law.
  • Following a government amendment, electronic communications operators will be required to publish key indicators summarizing their commitments to the ecological transition.
  • A European directive aims to limit the environmental impact of electrical equipment by reducing the quantity of equipment ending up in landfill. This means that all European companies using electronic equipment must dispose of it responsibly.
  • Creation of a general reference framework for the eco-design of digital services (RGESN), etc.

Emity’s solutions for the environment

From the outset, the Emity team has been looking for features that would not only benefit the environment, but also its customers. We wanted to preserve your health, economic and ecological conditions. Various parameters have been studied for this purpose.

E-manager software is designed in dark mode for :

  • The well-being of your eyes 👀
  • Significant energy savings 💥
  • Extended screen life 😉
  • More efficient autonomy for your devices 💪

E-manager also lets you program automatic screen on/off.

  • To fix your consumption to specific times, the box acts as an intermediary, switching your screens on and off at set times;
  • This helps reduce energy consumption.

The Emity E-box lets you :

  • adapts to the screens you already own; no need to buy new ones
  • Low power consumption thanks to fanless housing.
  • It’s a durable tool. The housing is robust and designed to withstand temperature variations.

Emity, conscious of environmental issues, has joined the Digital Media Club’s Replay project. This network brings together professionals in the field of screen-based communication. And ensures a reduction in environmental impact by giving priority to :

  • Eco-design of digital devices,
  • The repair,
  • Dismantling,
  • Donating used appliances.

Digital signage, or how to combine technology and ecology with an energy-efficient digital communication system! A free-trial platform that’s easy to use, respectful of your expectations and the environment. Beautiful, isn’t it? Don’t wait any longer, choose Emity!